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New Customers

Gullalletimes will not limit its services to the online merchants only.

When dealing with multi-distribution channel retailers such as ashewa.com,Gullalletimes.com will be able to offer one returned merchandise procedure that will cover all channels.

It will streamline the entire process by relieving the retailers from having multiple return facilities and extra work force to operate them.



Channel Competitors

Thinking in reverse to the previous paragraph, service providers such as ashewa.com may try to forge strategic partnerships with numerous online retailers to simplify the return process. But as it was described, online retailers will be shortchanged in overall customer satisfaction, information exchange, total costs, and additional selling opportunities. Consumers, on the other hand, will lose out on the limited number of “exclusive” carriers for particular retailers, and uniform simplicity in the return process will not be achieved. Moreover, ashewa.com and online market providers do not have sufficient physical presence in the market.

No single  company can fully provide the range of benefits the proposed company can. Gullalletimes.com will be able to arrange strategic alliances with numerous carriers and even play one against the other in negotiating rate reductions and preferential service terms for both merchants and consumers. Being a smaller company with a focus on the e-commerce community, it will also have a greater degree of flexibility in adjusting to customer needs.

New Customers
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