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Author : Ramadan

National Identification Card(NIC)

oduu gammachiisaa uummata biyya keenyaa hundaaf

website keenya Gullalletimes.com waan haaraa isiniif qabatee dhufeera karaa website keenya gullalletimes.com seenuun national id ykn waraqaa lammummaa biyya keenya bilisaan ykn tolaan online galmooftani beellama qabsiifachuu dandeessu isiniin jedha Gullalletimes.com kanaafiyyuu maal eegduree link armaan gadii click gochuun formii barbaachisu guutuun galmaayaa isiniin jenna horaa bulaa deebanaa!

Ethiopian National Identification card

We can get National card online without any effort by filling given form online.



Oduu Gaddaa

Our legend Artist #legendAlibira RIP.
#Seenaaan kee yoommiyyuu ni jiraata 🫡✊
Anis biyya qaba
Biyya biyyaa caaltu
Biyyaa koo Oromiyaa
Kan Uuman Badhaatu .
Handhaara Abbootaa
Biyya gootowwaanii
Biyya hayyuu qaraa
Biyya biifileewwaanii
Biyyaa too Oromiyaa
Biyyaa sirna gadaa
Kan ittiin beekamtu
Mallattoon ishee Odaa
Anis Biyya qaba
Kan ittiin dhaadadhuu
Biyyaa too Oromiyaa
Kanin jiruu abdadhuu (3)
Biyyatoo badhaatuu
Magarsituu hundaa
Biyyaa midhaanii fi
Albuuda adds addaa
Baddaa fi gammoojjii
Gaarreenii fi raarota
Kan hormaani quufaa
Haadha beeyiladootaa(2)
Haadha burqaalee fi
Lageen gurguddaadhaa
Mukeen bosonaa ishee
Adduunyaaf fakkii dhaaa
Godhii simbirroolee
Kan halluun faayamtee
Binneeyii adda addaa
Bosonaa ishee guute (2)
Gannaa fi bonni ishee
Nama gammaachiisa
Hayyoo Oromiyaan
Hoggayyuu hameessaa
Ittiin bulmaaatni ishee
Seera Abbaa gadaati
Dimookiraasin, hammatti
Mara ilmaan ishee (2)
Anis biyya qaba
Baqataa ta’ulle
Roorroo ala gaatifin
Biyyaa deemee malee(2)
Our Legend Artist #Alibiraa



Our mission is to enhance customer service of online merchants, boost their customer retention and increase their sales. We strive to improve the overall image of the online merchant and therefore stimulate growth of online shopping. We put our efforts to increase customer satisfaction when consumers deal with retailers, to enhance the interaction process when retailers communicate with consumers, and to streamline the problem resolution order in all possible ways.

Welcome to Gullalletimes. The way to improve your business idea!



The ultimate benefit of the program is that it enhances the overall image of the online merchant. Consumers demand not only convenience but a peace of mind. The proposed program offers both, and it will increase the number of online shoppers, thus causing a market expansion for online merchants. The first retailers who implement the proposed program will also be able to differentiate themselves and capture larger market shares in their respective segments. Once embraced by the majority of retailers, the program will become an industry standard.

Due to few number  of current competition, gullalletimes.com will be  the first-mover advantage and it is well positioned to establish itself as the leader in the newly created service category. Gullalletimes.com therefore has an enormous upside potential and is poised for rapid growth. By securing agreements with companies such as google.com and facebook.com  for online add services and  host large numbers of merchants , Gullalletimes.com will raise high entry barriers for possible competition and will significantly minimize the replication factor.

Keys to Success

  • Retrieve all pertinent information on a participating merchant.
  • Match appropriate return procedures against the returning item.
  • Present procedures to the consumer in the most concise format.
  • Provide reference to the merchant’s entire return policies if requested.
  • Inform the merchant of the entire transaction as it occurs.
  • Gain authorization from the merchant to return merchandise if needed.
  • Present the merchant’s website to consumer for selling opportunities.
  • Provide confirmation emails to the customer of the actions taking place if requested.
  • Interact with the merchant’s database for further customer details if needed.

Maintain a record of the transactions for the company’s own database.


New Markets

Geographic expansion will be needed in order to provide global return services for the online community. This will include both within-borders services and across-the-borders operations. A number of companies such as Amazon.com and eToys have already opened operations in many neighbor countries , not counting a growing local online merchant community.

This in itself presents an opportunity to replicate the service in other countries for domestic online retailers. Gullalletimes.com will partner with local carriers and shippers when operating there. A country-by-country approach may be utilized; however, there may be an opportunity to establish a centralized, consolidated operation within the Africa Union.

New Services

As more and more consumers shop online, the need to keep track of purchased products will grow. Currently, many online retailers offer an option to track a purchased item, but not always through the entire delivery process. An item itself may have an availability “window” of up to a few weeks, plus the shipping time of a few days-the customer is never quite sure when he or she will actually receive it. As more purchases are made, there will be more items to track.

To do that, the customer has to look up websites of the merchants or use carriers’ websites to inquire on shipping status and read through the flock of notification emails and sms from the merchants. There is a growing need to consolidate all this information in one location for easy reference. A software that records all online purchases, tracks their status, and presents the findings to consumers in an easy-to-read format will be of much value to consumers. Having developed partnership and information exchange agreements with online merchants and shipping companies, Gullalletimes.com will be well positioned to offer such tracking services to consumers.




New Customers

Gullalletimes will not limit its services to the online merchants only.

When dealing with multi-distribution channel retailers such as ashewa.com,Gullalletimes.com will be able to offer one returned merchandise procedure that will cover all channels.

It will streamline the entire process by relieving the retailers from having multiple return facilities and extra work force to operate them.



Channel Competitors

Thinking in reverse to the previous paragraph, service providers such as ashewa.com may try to forge strategic partnerships with numerous online retailers to simplify the return process. But as it was described, online retailers will be shortchanged in overall customer satisfaction, information exchange, total costs, and additional selling opportunities. Consumers, on the other hand, will lose out on the limited number of “exclusive” carriers for particular retailers, and uniform simplicity in the return process will not be achieved. Moreover, ashewa.com and online market providers do not have sufficient physical presence in the market.

No single  company can fully provide the range of benefits the proposed company can. Gullalletimes.com will be able to arrange strategic alliances with numerous carriers and even play one against the other in negotiating rate reductions and preferential service terms for both merchants and consumers. Being a smaller company with a focus on the e-commerce community, it will also have a greater degree of flexibility in adjusting to customer needs.

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