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National ID Card Registration


In the last four years, the Government of Ethiopia has initiated various reform programs that have implications for improving the ease of doing business.

One important pillar is the introduction of policies and legal frameworks governing the digital economy. Ethiopia’s move to the digital economy is accompanied by National ID is the foundation on which all digital services and transactions can occur in a trusted framework. NID is led by a Program that is currently within the Office of the Prime Minister.

the promulgation of the Digital Ethiopia strategy, Electronic Transaction Proclamation, Personal Data Protection Proclamation as well as National ID Proclamation.

The National ID Program is working to enroll and provide Digital Identification to all residents in Ethiopia with the goal of providing advanced financial, social, public, and other services that identify a physical person using foundational individualizing mechanisms rather than functional ones. NIDP intends to issue Digital IDs to over 70 million citizens and residents in Ethiopia by the end of 2025.

Approach to Privacy

In full compliance with the Personal Data Protection Proclamation on the way to be passed by the House of Parliament to establish an independent commission, the National ID Program and the authority that will be established thereof will execute its duties.

As custodians of the data subject’s details entrusted to us, we will ensure maximum privacy, traceability, and transparency.


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