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Management Summary

The company plans to locate its headquarters in Addis Ababa  city that can provide access to a large pool of high-tech labor force, current e-commerce intelligence, and sources of financial capital. The location should ensure the best logistics when reaching existing and potential clientele, as well as strategic partners. Operations in which the company cannot develop core competencies should be outsourced. A close proximity to outsourcing companies should be maintained. The headquarters will initially host the entire executive team, sales force, and staff.

As company progresses through its growth stages, sales regions will be assigned for various parts of the Addis Ababa city and either in-field sales representatives be placed or distributors assigned. Presently, Gullalletimes.com is headquartered in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. The company will initially be a privately-held corporation. The state of incorporation will mainly depend on the our country business law. The company plans to raise two rounds of venture capital financing before going public.


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